Our technicians train to use a wide range of equipment to clear your drainage and sewer pipelines.  Robotic HPWJ are heavy-duty machines that are also small and versatile – designed to negotiate the pipe bends and diameter changes to read inaccessible blockages. Each uses hydraulic pressure to scour pipe walls and grind down any obstacle in their path. We often turn to leading-edge machines like Hächler’s hydraulic cutting robots, IBG’s water-powered units, or our Prokasro electric and air-powered units.

Robotic HPWJ cutting is great for removing:

  • hard scale

  • concrete

  • displaced rubber pipe seals

  • intruding connections

  • tree roots

  • various other obstructions

We also routinely use robotic HPWJs to prepare pipes for lining systems, or to re-open lateral connections after lining.

Our technicians begin by conducting a CCTV survey of the pipe to assess the damage and develop their approach. They need both upstream and downstream pipe access and a small working area around the chambers they intend to use. They establish a CCTV monitoring system to ensure they protect undamaged pipeline. They use either a camera mounted on the HPWJ robot, or set up a standalone rig nearby. To ensure visibility, they need to manage the flow in the pipe. HPWJ cutting creates a good deal of debris, and our technicians will clear a collection point to capture it.

Once they have completed these preparations, they insert the cutter or jetting head into the pipe and drive to the damaged section. Their cameras monitor the cutting progress and they periodically pause to clear the debris. When the obstruction has been removed, they withdraw the cutting rig and conduct a final CCTV survey to assess their work. This survey comprises part of their customer report.

McAllister’s robotic HPWJ cutting service is perfect for removing stubborn obstructions in awkward places – like in pipes under infrastructure or expensive surface finishes. Our experience and equipment are second to none. We have been ahead of this curve for four decades and intend to stay there. Our teams use powerful hydraulic cutters that can deal with concrete and steel, and smaller, versatile rigs that can work in small-diameter or difficult-to-access pipelines. 

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