Some of our sewers are decades, even centuries, old. They may have been rebuilt and reworked many times to cater to changing needs. That means that complex problems are common, and no one approach will solve them.

In these scenarios, McAllister uses its environmental management and engineering expertise to design a bespoke solution that combines our capabilities. We can use spot excavation and keyhole repairs to reach awkward or out-of-the-way pipes.

Let’s collaborate on finding a solution to even your most challenging drainage and sewerage problems.

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Concept design is the most important aspect of combined system repairs. We collaborate with you to understand the challenge and develop a solution that offers you the right benefits at the right price. Once we are confident that our approach will meet your needs, we proceed to drawing up detailed designs, engaging a consulting engineer and liaising with product manufacturers. Good design usually leads to straightforward solutions.

We trial and test our designs to verify our approach will work and assemble a team with the skills we need to implement it. Then we get to work.

A common problem is a collapsed pipe in a place where excavation is too expensive to contemplate. We use a combination of approaches to solve these problems. We build new chambers to allow us to access the damaged pipes and then use pipe reaming and CIPP lining to replace the collapsed pipe.

Turn to the experts at McAllister to solve even the most challenging pipe repair and maintenance challenges.

McAllister’s engineers and technicians have been creating bespoke solutions since we entered the waste water infrastructure sector in 1971. Our collaborative approach and close relationships with manufacturers, suppliers and designers mean we can call on a wide range of resources to solve knotty problems. Our broad in-house expertise means we have the right people to assemble the integrated teams that combined systems repair demands.

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