Culverts are essential pieces of infrastructure that protect our transport corridors from flooding, water damage, and erosion. They look like simple structures, but they require careful design if they are to work well. The load they bear, the water flow they carry, and the type of soil surrounding them all need to be carefully balanced for the culvert to succeed. They also require regular maintenance to ensure they are in good working order. Culvert failures can lead to road collapses and flooding during storms, which poses a public safety hazard. Keeping them in good condition is vital work that will help to extend the life of more complex and expensive assets.

McAllister’s culvert lining service offers large companies and local authorities comprehensive culvert maintenance. We collaborate with your engineering teams to ensure the very best outcomes. Our approach is to begin our work early in the project schedule. Our culvert lining teams work through three phases:

Our team combs the area in question searching for culverts. They log each one in a geographic information software (GIS) file, clean it out using high pressure jets, and assess it for damage. We collate the results of this survey and discovery phase in a client report. You can use this report to augment your existing waterways data, and expedite future maintenance projects.

Our project manager will collaborate with you to draw up a programme of work for rehabilitating your culverts. The project manager will be your single point of contact for the entire project. They oversee all the work and ensure that we deliver our services to your quality, time and budget specifications. We take special care to develop a plan that conforms with your vision for the landscape. You may be planning new infrastructure, and we ensure that our solutions anticipate these future projects. If a road or rail line is due for recommissioning, we can build culvert linings that accommodate higher traffic or new features.

Our teams will get to work, systematically rehabilitating the culverts identified in the programme of work. They create culvert liners specifically for each application and with your future plans in mind. We conduct CCTV surveys on each culvert as we complete its rehabilitation. We use this information to update the original survey data, to ensure you have up-to-date data on the location and condition of each culvert under your authority.

McAllister is committed to close collaboration, attention to detail, and cost sensitivity. You’ll find that our culvert lining solutions provide comprehensive maintenance and repair on demanding timescales and budget constraints.


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