A Quick-Lock repair seals cracks, fractures and joints with a watertight EPDM rubber sleeve and a steel bracing ring. This mechanical solution requires no chemical products such as glue, laminates, or resins. EPDM rubber is used in a variety of applications where water-proofing is essential, like roofing and tank lining. The high-grade, V4A (316) steel bracing ring is made from materials with a long track record in drainage and sewerage construction.

We use three distinct types – Quick-Lock, Quick-Lock Big, and the Quick-Lock LEM System.


The basic Quick-Lock system seals pipes between 150 mm and 800 mm using robotic equipment and CCTV to install remotely.

Quick-Lock Big

Quick-Lock Big is for pipes wider than 800 mm and requires our technicians to enter the pipe.

Quick-Lock LEM System

The Quick-Lock LEM System is a liner end seal for UV-cured lining.

As their name suggests, Quick-Lock repairs are fast – our technicians can install one in 15 minutes. They require no flow control measures, yet provide long-term solutions. Our Quick-Lock System in WRc-approved, and comes with a 50-year guarantee. Quick-Lock repair is suitable for most common types of sewer network damage including:

  • cracks, fractures, and holes

  • water infiltration or effluent exfiltration, particularly at joints

  • realignment and sealing of displaced joints

  • root intrusion

  • sealing dormant or unused inflows

  • liner end sealing

For remote installations, our technicians coil the Quick-Lock patch – the steel bracing ring and the EPDM rubber sleeve – around an inflatable packer mounted on a remote-controlled installation trolley. Using a CCTV camera, they winch this rig to the repair location. They inflate the packer, pushing the Quick-Lock patch against the host pipe. The packer engages a ‘reverse ratchet’ locking system, securing the patch in place. Our technicians deflate the packer and pull the trolley out of the pipe. They conduct a final CCTV inspection to inspect and record the repair.

Quick-Lock Big installations on pipes wider than 800 mm usually require one of our technicians to enter the pipe. They follow a similar procedure to the remote-controlled packing rig, but do so by hand.

The Quick-Lock LEM System is a liner end seal that secured UV-cured lining to the host pipe. Our technicians usually use this method when relining drains with water ingress, to ensure a permanent seal at each end of the new liner.

McAllister pioneered the Quick-Lock system in the UK. Today, we install over 250 each year. We offer a fast-response service. We have highly trained and experienced Quick-Lock technicians around the country, and significant stocks for common diameters.

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