McAllister uses CCTV technology to understand the extent and assess the condition of your drain and sewer network. We use this information to plan our repair and remediation work to minimise costs and disruption.

CCTV surveys help us to identify structural issues such as:

  • open or displaced joints

  • cracks

  • fractures

  • breaks

  • deformations

  • collapsed pipes

They also help us learn more about the causes of pipeline damage such as:

  • root ingress

  • scale build-up

  • encrustation

  • debris

  • obstructions

Our van-mounted crawler units and mobile flexi-rod cameras can enter and survey any pipe system – no matter its length or diameter. Our units are powered by WinCan VX software, specially designed to capture information about drainage and sewer networks.

WinCan VX produces reports and drawings in various standards-compliant formats, such as databases, InfoNet files, schematic diagrams, GIS layers and .dwg files.

We can deliver your survey in hardcopy or as a digital file on a USB drive or in the cloud. It will feature the CCTV footage, a detailed report on the condition of your drains, and – if required – a drawing of your drain layout.

Our process

1. Firstly, we create a safe working area and position the equipment close to the relevant manhole and carefully consider access points and working areas on your property.

2. We may have to clean the pipe to begin the survey, and we will use the appropriate jetting equipment and techniques to do so.

3. We then insert our camera at the correct lens height and begin the survey. We document each of the pipe’s features as we proceed, mark each with the appropriate naming conventions on the resulting diagrams, and – most importantly – record any defects we encounter.

4. Once we have completed the survey, we put the results through many quality assurance checks. We publish the output and deliver them to you in the agreed format.

5. We will draw your attention to any damage, defects, or unexpected features in your pipes.

Our requirements

1. We will ask for some space to set up our equipment, depending on the type of pipe we are surveying.

2. Different surveys require different timescales, depending on the pipes’ depth, length and access points. We will give you a time estimate at the beginning of the project.

3. We may encounter high flows in the pipes, which we can control through various flow management techniques.

We can usually assess the cause of any problems once we have concluded a survey. We will provide you with a video file showing you the inside of your pipes and a classification report in WinCan, or equivalent format. We will mark the defects in your pipelines individually and summarise our findings at the end of the report.

Remember, only technicians trained in the latest MSCC standards should conduct a CCTV drain and sewer survey.

McAllister works closely with you to understand your requirements. Our surveys are fast, minimally disruptive, and highly accurate. We will deliver a comprehensive report and proposed solutions in the format that best suits you.

Each of our engineers holds the OS19X Pipe Condition Classification Certificate, the standard qualification required for pipeline surveyors. They have assessed and checked CCTV surveys throughout their careers. They work with the leading software and collect data with camera equipment that sets the highest industry standards. We can draw on our wastewater supply chain to provide a wealth of additional knowledge to examine, interpret and propose solutions to any unusual problems we might identify in surveys.

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