Cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) liner is a strong and versatile way to fix and rehabilitate broken pipes and sewer lines. Typically, these liners are used to recondition long stretches of pipeline, but it is possible to use small lengths on localised damage. This approach is known as cured-in-place patch repair, or CIPR.

CIPR involves a pipe sleeve designed to fit inside and seal your drainage pipes. It is prepared with silicate resin which forms an airtight bond between the pipe and the sleeve. The edges of the sleeve are tapered, to ensure a smooth flow transition.

We offer CIPR in two varieties. The traditional ambient cured method provides a strong and permanent repair, but it takes some time to set. Our UV-cured methods speeds the process. McAllister’s technicians can provide full structural repair bonding using either method – even in wet conditions.

CIPR patch repairs are highly resistant to chemicals and abrasion and provides a hard surface finish that improves flow through the pipe. They are used to:

  • smooth over displaced joints, seal cracks and holes.

  • reduce resistance and increase the flow of solids and liquids.

  • prevent root and water ingress by restoring structural integrity.

We install CIPP using no-dig technology, working from a single access point, so there’s no need for excavations. Our technicians set up on site and begin preparing a short CIPP sleeve according to specifications derived from a CCTV survey. These patches are typically 0.5 – 1 metre in length although they can be up to 3 metres long. The sleeve is very malleable at this point, and is wrapped around an inflatable packer.

The technicians lower the packer into the pipe and winch it into position, using CCTV to guide their actions. They inflate the packer with compressed air, which presses the sleeve against the inside of the pipe. The packer is designed to allow some air flow, which helps the sleeve to cure at ambient temperatures. Once the sleeve is cured, the technicians deflate the packer and remove it from the pipe.

Finally, they carry out a CCTV survey to assess the repair’s quality and record the new condition of the pipe.

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We use the EPROS® system from Trelleborg, allowing us to repair damage from a single access point without excavation. We enjoy a collaborative partnership with Trelleborg, giving our customers better lead times, better service, and seamless technical support. The EPROS® system has passed the WRc  short-term hydrostatic testing procedure, which means it can withstand a wide range of pipe conditions including flow levels double those expected in normal conditions. 

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