Gullies remove surface water from roads and other paved areas, allowing it to drain into stormwater system. However, this water is often loaded with leaves, soil, silt and litter. This material can accumulate in gullies, preventing the flow of water from the gully to the drain. A blocked gully can lead to serious flooding, causing damage to roads and paved areas, and increasing the chances of an accident.  


Act now to prevent flood damage in the future. Talk to McAllister about our scheduled gully emptying service. 

1. We start by removing all debris and grit from around the gully.  

2.We then use a high-power water jet to rinse it.  

3. Finally, we perform a flush test to ensure that your gully is working properly again. 

McAllister technicians draw on years of experience in gully emptying. Each of our service vehicles is designed for safe and expert work on highways to clean and maintain road gullies. Customers such as the NI Department for Infrastructure, the Highways Agency UK, and local governments across the Republic of Ireland all trust our gully emptying service.  

We serve our residential customers with the same expertise and attention to detail as we do our corporate clients. Choose us for an expert, affordable service. 

Protect your property, driveways and buildings from flood damage with McAllister’s expert gully cleaning service. Get in touch today and discover how we can serve you no matter where you are on the island of Ireland.