Plants absorb their nutrients through a network of roots that extend deep into the ground. Drainage and sewer pipelines offer rich pickings because they offer a steady supply of water and organic material.

Roots can enter almost any space and can break through joints and fine fractures in your pipes. Different plants cause different degrees of damage, but some can choke your drains from the inside. Their roots might open fractures into larger ruptures as they thicken, or build dense structures across the pipe’s flow that function like fishing nets.

We have a variety of methods for cutting and removing roots from your pipes. Most can be forced out with a high pressure jetting unit. We use a specialist root cutting head called a flail jet to ensure no piece of root remains. This head features several chains that spin around and chop at the roots, and a cutting head that rotates under the water pressure being pumped down the hose.

Taproots pose a particular challenge. These are the thick, central roots that plants use to anchor themselves in the soil – their other roots typically sprout from the taproot. We deploy a custom high pressure water jet cutting rig on these stubborn opponents. This rig is significantly more powerful than our regular jetting units and can cut through taproots with ease.

We also have a robotic cutting unit that can remove thick and difficult roots, but it usually requires more time to deploy.

We recommend rehabilitating the pipe after the root we have removed the root. This prevents future root ingress by sealing the joints and fractures with patch repairs or relining.

Our root removal techniques mean we don’t have to excavate. It’s almost like keyhole surgery – we can go in through a small hole without disrupting the surrounding area. You’ll save time and money on restoring your garden or driveway.

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