It's natural not to want to think about your septic tank, but it is one of the most critical parts of your house. It provides the sanitation benefits of a mains connection and ensures your home is a healthy place to live. Besides, you won't think about anything else if it goes wrong.

For peace of mind, keep your septic tank in good working order, and act fast if it's full. Here's a few tell tale signs that your septic tank needs attention.

Water is pooling around the tank

Solid waste can clog the drain as your septic tank fills up, forcing liquid onto your lawn or field.

Slow drains and sluggish toilets

Your first port of call for a slow drain should be a plunger or drain cleaning product. If that fails, your septic tank needs emptying.

You won't believe the smell

An unpleasant smell is probably the most obvious sign that your septic tank is full. The waste from your toilet, shower and washing machine is overflowing. Need we say more?

Suspiciously healthy grass

Green, lustrous grass might seem like a benefit at first, but it's a sure sign that problems are on the way.

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